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ПDuration – 1hour

Price - 450 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons

A speleological tour to small Novoutkinskaya cave.


Novoutkinskaya cave got its name from Novoutkinsk – a small Ural village with its curiosities and magnificent nature.

It is considered that Novoutkinsk was founded in 1749, when ironworks were put into operation on Utka (left tributary of Chusovaya). The ironworks were named after the river – Utkinskiy.


There is a beautiful pond surrounded by forest in Novounkinsk. Its length is about 5km, and its width is up to 500m. It’s a good place to rest, swim, and fish.


There are picturesque limestone rocks downstream the dam on the right bank of Utka. There is Novoutkinskaya cave in this rocks. The cave is 10-15m long and has two caverns. First cavern, small one, is right behind the entrance in the form of triangle. If you bend, you get into the second cavern. It’s high and pretty spacious. Its height is 4m. On the walls you can see small drops – stalactites. It’s always damp and cold here even in summer.


In 1883 the foundation of stone church in honor of Dormition of the Mother of God was laid at the pond.  The church was consecrated in 1838 at the expense of landowners the Yakovlevs. In 1930s it was closed as other churches all over the country. There was one of plant shops, library, and warehouses of Iskra plant in the church. After the fire it was abandoned for a long time. Now the church is rebuilt and restoration works are being performed.

Novoutkinskaya cave  

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