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Walking tours

Duration – 2hours

Price - 350 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons

An exciting walking tour, where you can see a 300-year-old larch, giant ant hills, Skopino rock.


Chusovaya is a legendary river and it’s no wonder. It’s impossible to imagine Ural without Chusovaya.

It’s not just because of its picturesque banks. The river bridged Rus and Siberia and was an important mediator – Ural mining civilization.

The banks of Chusovaya are covered with beautiful forests, mostly coniferous, where you can see 300-year-old larches, relict pines, and giant ant hills among them.


Here you can see a true character of Chusovaya, the river, cutting its path between the rocks. Tourists will see Bobinskiy rock initially called Skopino from verb skaplivatsa (accumulate). This name appeared because in spring blocks of ice and litter were accumulated in low water near the rock. Accumulated ice and litter could be dangerous for barques. Later on the rock changed its name to Bobinskiy after a gold digger Bob. There is another version that can be found in books according to which the rock had been named after a flesh bird skopa (fish hawk).


Bobinskiy rock (Skopino) is 4km downstream from Chusovaya tourist center on the left bank of the river of Chusovaya.  

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