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Walking tours

Duration – 2hours 30 minutes

Price - 350 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons

A walking tour to see the wildest territories in the neighborhood of the tourist center, ravines with stiff slopes, animal tracks, gold miner pits, a water quarry.


In the open area or on the meadow already covered with forest or in a deep former quarry covered with bushes the guide will tell you about the past showing some of its signs i.e. spoil heaps, pits, former mines. We have to understand that nothing is eternal in nature, and everything changes with the time hiding the remains. Sometimes it’s for the better, and sometimes not. Human civilization can’t develop without knowledge of its past and therefore a rational person should try to preserve evidences of past and present achievements.


You will see a goldmine and an iron mine developed in the 19th century that appeared, because local peasants lost their annual extra earnings as a result of declining demand for barques after the Mining railroad was put into operation in 1878. Some of these peasants started working in iron or gold mines. Luckily there was gold around Sloboda and they needed only find and take it. They washed gold almost in all nearest rivers and ravines. Tracks of gold mining disappeared with the time under plants and open cast mines got washed away, destroyed, and became a flat land. For the last 100 years this bare territory turned into a thick forest. Only a trained eye of an experiences pathfinder can recognize and say what this territory was used for and when.


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