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Walking tours

Duration – 2hours

Price - 350 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons

An interesting and picturesque walking tour to the Cliff with fancy stone sculptures, a hanging bridge and St George temple.


Sloboda village and its neighborhood is a most beautiful place in this part of Ural. Sloboda is an ancient village founded in 1651 by Afanasiy Gilev and Frol Arapov from Verkhoturiye.


Main attraction of the village – St George’s church – constructed in 1806 has never been violated or closed and, thus, is considered to be prayerful. The church is unusual because it was constructed on the rock just above the river of Chusovaya. Next to the church across the river there is a foot bridge constructed in 1961 that connects two parts of the village. There is a small, but interesting cave in the rock under the church. Its height is less than a meter. The cave is interesting because it has three entrances: two – from the water and one (the smallest one) – from the rock side. Its floor is covered with clay. There’s a legend that this clay has healing properties.


Upstream from the church on the right bank of Chusovaya one can see the Slobodskiye rocks that represent a botanic and geomorphological natural monument, because of its rock flora. Before the Slobodskiye rocks were named the Blue rocks and Sparrows’ rock. Modern name is new and it was used in 1920s after neighbor village Sloboda. There are small caves in Slobodskiy rock. According to the legend a dog was sent in one of the caves. The animal entered the cave here and came out from the cave in St George’s rock. The river of Chusovaya makes a big 5km twist at this place. At the same time the isthmus here is only several hundred meters long.

There are some small beautiful pines growing on the rock.

Slobodskiye rocks

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