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Here you will find the places worth visiting in the territory of the holiday center “Chusovaya”, get to know what places of interest you can see and visit. Many of them are well known to the tourism fans in the Urals, however some of the places are recent discoveries. Wherever you decide to go, any of the places will provide you with new impressions, give you a chance to make your holidays more memorable, take great photos to share with friends.








The daily life museum tells about the history of creation and development of the tourist center “Chusovaya” in particular and Russian household in general. The museum was opened on the 21st of May 2014 in honour of the 80th anniversary of the holiday center.


Chusovaya country museum

The platform is situated on the top of „Dod Ribs“ cliff. From the platform you will be able to admire a picturesque view of the Chusovaya River and St. George Cathedral. Looking down you will get the impression that you are flying over the beautiful place.


Viewing platform

The 100 steps stairs is one of the main sights of  “Chusovaya” activity center. Having arrived to the holiday center almost every tourist hurries to mount its 100 steps. Up till 2017 the stairs was made of …


100 steps stairs

The sculpture of a sable was fixed up in 2014 in honor of the 80th anniversary of “Chusovaya” activity center. Traditionally sable is considered to be a patron of the Urals forests. The guests of the activity center rub the sable’s left paw to attract happiness and luck.


The sculpture “Sable”

The idols were fixed up in 2010 in form of a pagan early Skavs temple, a place of Gods power and our ancestors wisdom. This is a place of spiritual growth, people say that here the Gods…


Pagan gods of the early Slavs

This is the highest point in the territory of the tourist center which commands a picturesque panoramic view of the forest and St. George Cathedral. There is situated a 12-meter high tower beacon and a Tubing track.


Meteorological station. Tubing trace

St.George rocks form cliffy banks of the Chusovaya river and consist of carboniferous calcareous and Devonian sediments. From 1651 there was St.George chapel on the top of the rocks…


St. George rocks

The Guard cliff is actually a part of the St.George rocks. However unlike the rocks it plunges into the river. It was difficult for the boats to sail round the cliff


"The Guard" Cliff

The 100 meter long hanging bridge connects the banks of the Chusovaya River. The bridge was constructed in honor of the 80th anniversary of the holiday centre in 2013 and was funded by a philanthropist Anna Manekina.


Annushka’s bridge

"The Golden Woman" is an ancient image of Siberian Holy Mother. The legend has it that in ancient times such idols protected the family and let the most secret dreams come true.


"Golden Woman" The wooden idol

In the Petting zoo you will be able to meet domestic and wild animals, stroke and feed them. Also you can do horse riding here.


Petting zoo

It is an open work construction where the back looks like a heart-shaped trunk of a tree. In its branches we can admire the loving couples of birds and animals. The location of the bench and its design makes the atmosphere of the place really romantic.


The bench of lovers

Kourovskaya Observatory of the Ural State Federal University was set up in 1965 and is the eastmost observatory in Europe. Here you can order an excursion and look at the stars.


"Kourivskaya" Observatory

The cliffs are named after Sloboda village. The range of bank cliffs of light limestone is about 20 meter high and 300 meters long. It appears to be one of the most beautiful limestone rocks in the area. There are also some small caves there...


"Sloboda" Cliffs

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