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During this interesting educational tour you will see all sights of Chusovaya tourist center as well as one of the most beautiful fighter rocks: Walk-rock, the St George’s Rocks and Vogul sanctuary.


Ancient village Sloboda was founded in 1651 in the interfluve of the rivers Chusovaya and Utka and was initially named Utkinskaya Sloboda. Here the river of Chusovaya makes one of its breath-taking twists.


Interestingly, the city of Yekaterinburg might have been founded here. Vasily Nikitich Tatischev considered Chusovskaya Sloboda to lay a foundation stone of mining capital in Ural. However, we all know that eventually another place was chosen on the river Iset.

Main attraction of the village – St George’s church – constructed in 1806 has never been violated or closed and, thus, is considered to be prayerful. The church is unusual because it was constructed on the rock just above the river of Chusovaya. Right next to it across the river there is a foot bridge constructed in 1961 that connects two parts of the village.


If you stand at the main entrance of the church and look to the left towards the other bank of the river, you can see Chusovaya tourist center on Dog’s ribs rock. The rock with the unusual name of Dog’s ribs is a small short limestone rock in the form of sloping plates. These sloping plates remind dog’s ribs, this is where the name comes from.


There are stairs from the floodplain of Chusovaya to the top of Dog’s ribs rock. Before both banks of the river were connected at this place with a foot bridge. The bridge is no more there. You can see this bridge in soviet film Ugrum river. In the film you can see Chusovaya tourist center, Sloboda, Watch and St George’s rocks.


St George’s rock. Since 1651 there was a wooden chapel of St George on the top of the rock that gave it the name. Before going with a caravan by the river all travelers made a sacred procession to the chapel for a prayer service. Every year on the St George’s Day, the 23rd of April/6th May, people from Utkinskaya Sloboda made sacred procession to this place. The chapel disappeared during soviet period.


Watch rock is actually continuation of St George’s rock. However, unlike St George’s rock it is breaking right to Chusovaya waters. It was difficult to go round this rock and raftsmen started calling it Fighter behind the chapel, then Watch Fighter, and now – just Watch rock. The rock is situated on the right bank 2 km downstream from Chusovaya tourist center.


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Walking tours

Duration – 1hour 30 minutes

Price - 350 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons