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Health center

The main services:

Fitness, gym, ergocycle

Working out will let you exercises different groups of muscles, slim your body, give general tonic effect. It is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems diseases.

Fitness, gym, ergocycle


Breathing in a mixture of essential oils gives a powerful tonic, healing and relaxing effect, regulates blood pressure.


Herbal and aroma tea.


Herbal tea and tea with essential oils has healing effect against cold, kidney, stomach and cardiovascular diseases. Teas have relaxing, tonic and immunostimulating effect.



Cost of session: 100 rubles


Massage. Manual massage. Children massage; body and local Chinese aromatic oil massage, wrapping spa-massage, Russian sauna massage. All massages have healing, immunostimulating, tonic and relaxing effect.


Hardware massage with electric muscle stimulating (EMS). It relieves pain, improves figure and muscle tone.


Beauty massage. Minimizes wrinkles, improves skin tightness and face color. Relaxing procedure.


Cost of session: 300 - 1000 rubles


Myostimulation is widely used in figure and face correction, cellulite treatment, strengthening and building up muscles, potassium-sodium rebalancing, etc.


With the help of electric muscle stimulator (EMS) you can choose the following most important physical parameters: relaxing period, muscle activity period, frequency of stimulation. Changing these parameters we can train different groups of muscles: belly, legs, hips, arms, lower back muscles, etc.


It’s interesting to know!

EMS helps to build-up muscles.


Cost of session: 250 rubles

Charcot’s douche

Powerful relaxing and healing treatment



Slaggy organism (lymphostasis)

Adiposis and cellulite

Tonus and well-being improvement

Muscle tension relief

Blood circulation improvement

Respiratory passages healing

Myatony of belly muscles



Even after the first session you will feel ten feet tall. You will feel it ease, your tonus will improve, anger and lassitude will go away. You will notice volume reduction, unbend your back, enjoy firm skin and elastic muscles only after 10 sessions (it is recommended to repeat the course only in six months).


Charcot’s douche

Cost of session: 220 rubles

Aroma-wrapping + massage (SPA-procedure)

Your body is covered with mixture of essential oils, chosen with help of personal aroma-diagnostics. Then your body is wrapped in film and covered-up with a blanket for sauna effect. As a result metabolism is accelerating in tissues and active substances get to cells quicker. Special film is used, it’s not totally waterproof.

Time of wrapping is up to 60 minutes. To get the right effect, this procedure must be taken as a part of a course. During 3-6 weeks 6-15 wrappings must be taken. Such course let improve your skin, make it more elastic and make your waist and hips slimmer. The result of this procedure is a long-lasting of sliming effect, increasing of blood microcercullation, skin gets smoother and it starts the process of selfrecovery.

Aroma-wrapping + massage (SPA-procedure)

Cost of session: 1200 rubles

Vitality baths

This procedure has a powerful relaxing and revitalizing effect. If conducted with essential oils, it can have healing effect against different diseases.


Vitality baths

Cost of session: 250-800 rubles

Salt-chamber (halochamber)

Effect of a salt therapy room.


It is very helpful for people suffering from bronchopulmonary system diseases, improves immunity, regulates blood pressure, minimizes allergic reaction.

Salt-chamber (halochamber)

Cost of session: 200 rubles

Cost of session: 100 rubles

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

Cost of session: 350 rubles

Infrared anti-aging is a method, that helps to renew your skin and hide defects.

Healing course of infrared sauna gives an effect of:

•         increase of natural skin moisture

•         comfort and safety

•         rehabilitation after plastic surgery, deep peelings, laser resurfacing

•         body waste removal

•         prevention of aging

•         dermatophylaxis improvement

•         natural pH preservation

•         fat burning

•         skin cosmetic defects removal

•         acne rash cure

•         cellulite treatment

Infrared sauna stimulates intensive perspiration and through millions of perspiratory glands it removes slags (brakedown products) from your bodies and mortified up-layer from your skin surface.