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Auto tours

Duration – 3hours

Price - 550 rub/person

Minimum – 10 persons

A local history tour to the village of Kamenka, Nizhneye selo, the village of Chusovoye, Shaitan rock.


Kamenka is an ancient Ural village. Before there was a sawmill and a shipyard, where barges were constructed. There are remains of the wooden fortress and prison erected by Sverdlovsk film studio. Film director Yaropolk Lapshin shot here his most famous films Demidov and Ugrum river and others. In summer time it’s nice to swim in the pond in the very center of the village.


Nizhnneye selo is 13km away from Chusovaya tourist center on the left bank. According to different versions the village was founded either in 1654, or in 1678 by fugitive old believers the Skorobogatov. Before the village was called Nizhnyaia village.

In 1720 iron ore reserves were found around the village. There was Nizhnederevenskiy mine and the ore was sent to Staroutkinskiy plant. There was Demidovskaya quay situated in front of Shaitan rock. Barques with ore, charcoal, and wood for Demidov’s plants.


Shaitan rock is a beautiful rock covered with fancy vertical cracks. Here and there you can see small caves. The rock is 30 meters high. There’s some rare rock flora on it. Shaitan rock is a natural monument.


In 1860 wooden Mikhailo-Archangelic church was consecrated in Nizhneye selo. In 1937 the church was closed and little by little it was ruined. Recently (in the middle of 2000s) Mikhailo-Archangelic church was reconstructed.

in the country of chusovia

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