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"Golden Woman" The wooden idol

Дополнительные услуги

Дополнительные услуги

The ancient image of Siberian HOLY MOTHER lets the dreams come true. The legend has it that in ancient times such idols protected the family and let the most secret dreams come true. You had to go round the Golden Woman as many times as the number of the wishes you had. They said that the wishes came true.


The statue was fixed up in 2014 in honor of the 80th anniversary of Park-Hotel “Chusovaya”.


There are numerous legends and folk tales connected with the ancient goddess “Golden Woman”. There is even a historical novelette by a Ural writer S.N. Plekhanov which tells about the hunt for this legendary idol by Russian manufacturers in the first half of XVIII century.


In 1986 a feature film “Golden Woman” based on the novelette was shot at the Sverdlovsk film studio by V.M. Kobozev. The shootings of the film took place near the Chusovaya river.


The scene is set in XVIII century in the Middle Urals. The North of the Urals is covered with impenetrable forests inhabited by the local tribe of Voguls. They believe in old ways, preserving the customs and rituals of their ancestors. As and any tribe the Voguls have their own history, traditions and gods, the supreme of which a golden goddess, the patroness of the Voguls. One day she was standing at the top of the mountain and anybody could ask for her help and protection. However years went by and the tribe hid the goddess, which was made of pure gold, from the strangers’ prying eyes.  The “Golden Woman” legend is still known in this part of the world and many hunters died trying to find her. The governor of Tobolsk sends a bondman Ivan who has many friends among the Voguls to look for the golden goddess. In exchange he promises to give Ivan back his bride Anna and to set her free from serfdom.


A part of the historical novel “The Heart of Parma” by Alexey Ivanov is also closely connected with the legend of Golden Woman. Several heroes of the book die or go mad trying to find or steal the statue. On the other hand, the other characters who give an oath to find the idol (or protect her) it gives long life which cannot be finished till the moment when the promise is carried out.


It is believed that Golden Woman symbolizes the Earth, thus the Sun and the Moon are her children. The ancient tribes worshiped the statue. Precious furs like sable were given to her like a tribute. Fat deer were immolated in her honor. During the sacrifice the priest asks advise from the statue, what to do or not to do, they say that, if the statue says “yes” a trumpet or bell-like sound can be heard in the forests and mountain. However it is most likely to be the sound of underground winds.