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Meeting of movement “Protecting man of labour” on Park-Hotel Chusovaya.

On Sunday, 29th of May, Igor Holmansky, plenipotentiary in the Urals, met the active part of its movement “Protecting man of labour”. The meeting took place on Chusovaya tourist center. Men of labour discussed results of primaries of Edinaya Rossia, where their candidates participated. After that there was a traditional rafting on Chusovaya river from Sloboda village to Kamenka village.

Journalists ask the plenipotentiary to give recommendations on rafting for those Russians who cannot visit Turkey this year. You participated in it and you saw the beauty of our Ural nature, - says Igor Holmansky,- Today we attracted a helicopter, divers – it can be done cheaper. Go to fresh air, spend your time efficiently and show your children that our nature is also beautiful and we shall worth it and not travel hundreds of kilometers away, when we have all these here, in the Urals.  “.