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+7 (922) 123-99-40

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Children's room rules

1. Only children from 3 to 7 years old and with height less than 120 cm are allowed.

2. Do not leave the children in the room if they do not to leave there or if you doubt their stay there is safe.

3. Children are allowed to the room only after registration (parents shall inform the operator on child’s name and their own contacts).

4. Maximum 15 children are allowed in the room at a time, If the room is fully loaded, please wait when somebody leaves.

5. Children in outerware are not allowed. Shoes may be left in playing room.

6. Children’s room is designed only for children. Parents shall not present there. Administration shall ensure the correct operation of the equipment bit bears no responsibility for children and left items.

7. Ensure that a child has no sharp, flammable and other dangerous items, Children with their own toys are not allowed.

8. Before leaving the child in a room visit WC.

9. Drink and food are not allowed in the room.

10. Please inform your child that the following actions are prohibited in the room:

• race down on foot, head ahead, in groups;

• climb up the hill;

• hang on the net and unbraid it.